Value Proposition 5

Lifestyle Integration

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Living and breathing the powerful spiritual wisdom of “being the change you want to see,” Mind Transformations emphasizes on integrating NLP into the participants’ daily routine. All learning is only a “thought” until it has been exercised into one’s feelings and actions. Constantly developing frameworks and activities, Mind Transformations helps their participants to integrate NLP into their daily activities such as work meetings, relationship building, communication strategy, spiritual practice (meditation), eating habits, mental rehearsal, emotional management etc. The value of this consistent reinforcement in their training results in faster assimiliation of the knowledge and skills learnt, and therefore transformation in people’s lives.

Value to customers: You achieve faster and lasting desired results.

“(Barney) is only not training us on NLP, he is really passing on a message, and giving us the whole research he has carried out, the whole learning & knowledge he has gathered…”

– Jessica Larsson

Executive & Team Coach (France)

“NLP was so much bigger than i expected. It’s not only about the tools & the techniques, it’s about how we live & how we are congruent to our spirit, & share the knowledge with other people.”

– Mamiko Ito

Executive & Team Coach (France)