The new format

ICI Coaching Journey

Only for ICI Coaches who have joined the ICI journey from 2018 - 2022. 

If you are keen to further your professional coaching journey with Mind Transformations, we invite you to join the new format of the ICI professional coaching journey. 

3 key reasons to join the new ICI format


You want a place for regular coaching practice, refining your skills and personal development.

Foundation + Depth

You value the wisdom and finesse in the basics of Multi-Intelligence NLP.


You appreciate quality feedback and you enjoy the camaraderie of sparring with like-minded coaches.

Choose ONE of the following options


Practicum Dojo only

Finesse and coaching drills

The practicum is great for upkeeping your skills, sparring with many peers, and co-creating the interdependent relationship of effective coaching. 

50% working with peer coaches
50% working with NLP participants

Immerse yourself in rounds and rounds of deep practice, and targeted feedback to strengthen your versatility and confidence in:

  • Conversational coaching flow
  • Questioning & verbal pacing
  • SCORE Model navigation
  • Generative resource anchoring
  • New behaviour generator
  • Swish pattern
  • Strategic chaining anchors

The Practicum is NOT a workshop/refresher, and no new lessons or skills will be taught.

6-month Practicum membership


- OR -

Ala carte per session


1, 2, 4 July 2023
5, 6 Aug 2023
18, 20, 21 Oct 2023
5, 6 Nov 2023
Future dates TBA

[ B ]

Coaching Masterclass + Practicum Dojo

Foundations of Transformative Coaching

The Masterclass is for unlearning and relearning transformative NLP coaching. 

Get down to the building blocks that enable a coaching relationship to generate transformation:

  • Transitioning from problem solving to Generative Coaching Mindset
  • Listening to the unspoken structure within content
  • Firm Support & Graceful Challenge: The Yin & Yang of Effective Coaching
  • Permission-coaching: Enabling psychological safety, ownership and client willingness to stretch
  • Mental frameworks & powerful questioning
  • Embodying your value as a Coach (and the confidence to start charging a professional fee)

You will be joining the ICI Associate Coach participants on this journey.

Coaching Masterclass + 6-month Practicum membership


Masterclass: 29 - 31 July 2023
Practicum: July - Dec 2023

Trainer Profile

Joseph Chng - Mind Transformations - Coach Certification Training

Joseph Ch'ng is an NLP Trainer & Executive Coach at Mind Transformations. He offers 13 years of practician experience, applying NLP with multiple disciplines such as systems thinking, experiential learning, Enneagram, Polarity Thinking, Agile, Tai Chi and I-Ching philosophies. Joseph dedicates his career to translating the impactful knowledge of NLP & Enneagram - into practical people skills and a way of Being.