1 + 1 > 100

There is a growing demand now for coaches who partner with their clients for personal & professional development. More and more people seek inner clarity, direction, self-confidence, self-motivation and people skills - which are key life developments not taught in schools or mainstream knowledge. 

An effective coach enhances the client’s ability to master his inner game, navigate difficult and ambiguous situations, process challenges and decisions, and develop a healthy relationship with himself. The coach provides a safe space and coaching processes for development; the client owns his life story, aspirations and actions. 

Hence, 1 (coach) + 1 (client) > 100 (client’s enhanced capacity to manifest infinite possibilities). 

ICI Associate Coach Certification Logo

This Associate Coach Certification is accredited by the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), Germany.

It is for you if you:

  • Want to become a professional coach
  • Are a leader who wants to develop people and motivate ownership through coaching
  • Want to position yourself with advanced communication skills and experience to value-add to your stakeholders.

Pre-requisite training:
Multi-Intelligence NLP Practitioner Certification

Leverage Multi-Intelligence NLP to level up your coaching:
Re-construct inner meaning, re-code inner programming

Most coaching work today focuses on spoken content and “what people say”. This helps unpack the inner meaning beyond people’s conscious awareness so they can develop new perspectives and construct new meaning. This is coaching at the IQ level

However, beyond awareness and even “aha moments”, people still easily snap back to their old ways. This is the limitation of IQ-based coaching, because the inner programming that drives individuals’ behaviours (PQ) and emotional triggers (EQ) are not addressed.

Multi-Intelligence NLP supports people developing BOTH their inner meaning AND inner programming - to create a holistic integration of IQ-EQ-PQ (addressing the whole person). As an ICI & MI-NLP Coach, you will be equipped with the abilities to unpack people’s inner structure and listen to the nuances in language, and techniques to develop new helpful programming. 

The Yin & Yang of Effective Coaching: Coach’s Way of Being + Coaching Skills

The same question asked by two different coaches to the same client yields different responses - leading to different results and impacts. Each coach’s unspoken demeanour, emotional state and presence constantly influence the client’s openness, ownership and willingness to stretch. 

This is why the coach’s self-awareness and self-regulation are as important as excellent coaching skills. Hence, in the ICI Associate Coach training, 50% of the focus is the coach’s personal development and the remaining 50% is on coaching skills and finesse.

Highlights of the ICI Associate Coach Certification Training:

  • Generative Coaching Mindset that promotes coach & client resourcefulness
  • Listening to the unspoken structure within content
  • Reducing client resistance and increasing reflectiveness
  • Firm Support & Graceful Challenge: The Yin & Yang of Effective Coaching
  • Mental frameworks & purposeful questioning
  • Permission-coaching: Enabling psychological safety, ownership and client willingness to stretch
  • Developing finesse and mastering the nuances of Multi-Intelligence NLP processes
  • Embodying your value as a Coach (transitioning from problem-solving to coaching)

What does the journey look like?



Multi-Intelligence NLP Practitioner Certification

07 Dec To 09 Dec 2024


3 days Coaching Masterclass

By Mar 2025


4 days Practicum & Supervised Coaching over 6 months

Competency Evaluation:
12 Jan 2025

By Jul 2025


Complete 10 hours of 1:1 coaching

1 written assignment on Grounded Theory of Coaching

Begin your

ICI Associate Coach Certification

AFTER completing your MI-NLP Practitioner Certification

Coaching Masterclass + 6-month Practicum membership



Secure your seat as class is filling fast!

Why this coaching programme? Why now?

The Mind Transformations & ICI brand represents depth and finesse in NLP coaching skills - having the ability to coach Multi-Intelligence development. 

Your coaching practice will become more nuanced, having finer distinctions. It is akin to the Chinese saying below, where from the outside, people appreciate the fruits of your practice, which seems so smooth, relatable and easeful; only you’d know how much depth and finesse you have developed along your journey.


The last 3 years brought the topic of well-being, mental and emotional health to the forefront. At MT, we see a rising interest in coaching services and also leaders as coaches. When you get started right now, you can position yourself with the skills and experience in demand - and you increase the impact you bring to each interaction, with others who work with you.

What do people say about this coaching programme?

The programme has enhanced my coaching skills in scoping clients' challenges, identifying my state and theirs and asking the right questions at the right time.

Fabrice Baillace

Fabrice BAILLACHE | Head of People Operations

Using NLP tools brings coaching beyond what's spoken superficially - it shifts mindsets and connects the client using a visceral experience.

Christina Lye


Trainer Profile

Joseph Chng - Mind Transformations - Coach Certification Training

Joseph Ch'ng is an NLP Trainer & Executive Coach at Mind Transformations. He offers 13 years of practician experience, applying NLP with multiple disciplines such as systems thinking, experiential learning, Enneagram, Polarity Thinking, Agile, Tai Chi and I-Ching philosophies. Joseph dedicates his career to translating the impactful knowledge of NLP & Enneagram - into practical people skills and a way of Being.