Value Proposition 7

Dedication to Competence

The distinctive value of Mind Transformations is its dedication to competence; giving their participants the highest quality possible in classroom practice, coaching, feedback and evaluation. Over 15 years, Mind Transformations has received countless acknowledgements for their uncompromising standards on due-process, personal attention to participants through supervising, coaching and counselling their graduates. “It is not just the content, but more importantly – how it is being delivered by the trainers…” commented by graduates of Mind Transformations over and over again.

Personal attention to participants through supervising, coaching and counselling.

Value to customers: You achieve high NLP standards through Mind Transformations’ quality training, supervision and coaching. You walk-away with a tangible sense of competence, because Mind Transformations sets its standards above industry norms.

“I must say that Barney is the MOST conscientious NLP Trainer and Coach I have ever seen. If you want fast-food style NLP training, go somewhere else. If you want the REAL Thing, go get Barney! By the way, book him in advance as he is real busy!”

– C J Ng

Business Performance Consultant


“Thank you so much (Barney), your class has been very experiential – those of you who are looking for a class that you really have hands-on & got a chance to practise – this is the place.

– Pamala Poranan

Customer Service Consultant


“What I appreciate most about Barney is his total dedication and commitment to us, his trainees, throughout the NLP course. His sincere and complete devotion to the teachings and practices of NLP has converted me to living my life now the NLP way. Since attending the accelerated 12-day NLP Practitioner Course with Barney, I have achieved several major goals, which I would have previously thought too difficult to attain.”

– Chan Soon Keng

National Technological University Lecturer


“The main reason I enjoyed and learnt so much from this course was Barney’s commitment to each of us, without it, it would have been just another course that remained a distant memory.”

– Neeta O’Keefe


(United Kingdom)