Value Proposition 3

Comprehensive Knowledge

Many foreign and local NLP Trainers boast of their training with NLP pioneers such as Dr Richard Bandler, Dr Tad James, Robert Dilts etc. Mind Transformations is among the rarest to have their Trainers taught by all the luminaries mentioned above and more, including Judith Delozier, David Gordon and John Lavalle. Each luminary has their own unique contribution to NLP, and Mind Transformations has integrated Bandler’s, James’, Dilts’ & Delozier’s work to provide its participants with a more wholistic and powerful framework to learning and applying NLP in the Asian context.

Mind Transformations’ trainers were taught by all the NLP Illuminaries.

“I am awed by Barney Wee’s professionalism, dedication, focus and most of all, the passion that he exudes in his training. His gift is in his creation of programmes and his constantly evolving content. More importantly, he is congruent with his vision, “building a world where people live to contribute their best.” And I am one of the ‘feathers’ in Barney’s cap, whose vision has turned into action.”

– Amy Poon

Business Development Manager

Telecommunications Industry


“Barney is always growing. Every single time i see him, there is always something new he is teaching me.”

– Joseph Ch’ng

Marketing Strategist


“The fact that Barney is an Asian is naturally a key influential factor for me. Unlike many western trainers, Barney has been able to apply NLP into our culture, into our daily lives without feeling any culture shock or violation of our values and heritage. A truly wonderful experience indeed!”

– Lee Mun Shiu

Regional IT Manager