By Helena Maurtot


Sometimes in life, intuition, wherever it comes from, could be a better guide than rationalization or advice from people we trust.

I can’t put a finger on what got me to sign up for the NLP course, but I can clearly remember that I did not have the slightest clue about what it was and how it was going to open so many doors to my future. The only thing I knew for certain was: “I need to learn something to keep my life afloat!”

At that time, I was at the very bottom of my life, which was affected in every aspect. I had no future anymore – no hopes, no goals, not even the desire to survive and nothing left of my self-confidence. Severed from my roots, my home, my country; being separated from my son and being in an acute state of mental and physical misbalance due to emotional shock, I wandered through the days, only pushed by my responsibility as a parent.

Since adolescence, I had been actively studying any kind of human science connected in one way or another to medicine and psychology. Through that hobby, year after year, I kept collecting knowledge, not knowing what I would ever do with it, as the faculty of medicine in France was definitely closed to people having low results in mathematics. I chose to do architecture instead, as it was offering openings to basically every profession due to a new reform suddenly overturning the old curriculum.

Growing through life with developing unused baggage on my shoulders and settling in Indonesia at an early age, I worked in different professional sectors which had equally strictly nothing to do with my hobby but did expand my skills and knowledge into new areas such as business, teaching, sales and marketing. Meanwhile, wide exposure to traditional Asian medicines certainly played an important role in opening my mind to any type of knowledge connected to healing and energies.

The NLP course was a delight and a struggle at the same time – information was pouring in from all sides: the course, the books, tapes, and all of this was so new. I had a clear impression that I would never ever have the ability to integrate all this within a system, and how it could ever bring real solutions to my life. I didn’t know I was learning unconsciously.

After 2 years of studies and practice and a lot of work connected to the US pioneers and leaders, suddenly, all by itself, things started to organize themselves in my mind: files, folders and cross-mapped data interconnecting to the heavy baggage collected through time, which was now presenting itself as a great potential to build a personalized method that would enable me to help people in the domain of mental and physical health. The ‘baby’, born at the beginning of 2001, and probed through quite an intensive year of professional practice and tests on myself to confirm the effectiveness of the associations between the most valuable aspects of medical or paramedical disciplines and the core of the method, constituted by NLP, has been baptized: GENERATIVE IDENTITY INTEGRATION.

The feeling is now like having finished a blind wandering which had always been guided from inside unconsciously, to start the real journey of my life, a journey of contribution and accomplishments. I have found my life purpose! This is the very first time I find myself with total vocational activity and nothing to procrastinate about.

NLP is such an open field for research and self-transformation that I cannot see myself, at any point in time, interrupting my own coaching session or stopping my research, experiments or coaching clients. This has been one of the most rewarding, fulfilling discoveries in my life, and it is an endless source of multiple knowledge as well as the best tool to induce fast and long term changes.

The GENERATIVE IDENTITY INTEGRATION method, a formative process of coaching a child or an adult towards additional resources, choices, and the elimination of limiting beliefs and decisions causing problems as well as unsatisfactory attitudes toward life and society, preventing the individual from achieving the desired results, outcomes and goals in specific areas of life, is basically built on three axes:

  1. A physical health plan exactly tailored to the individual physical/mental constitution; includes recommendations allowing a progressive balancing of habits in nutrition, physical and mental exercises, to support the second part of the process, which is often sustained with elements of vibrational medicines.
  2. The personal history or analysis of the given matter to work on, and the mental mechanisms which are to form the ground for intervention as well as establishing directions and priorities according to the client’s wishes and environment. This part of the method is not merely an analysis but an opportunity to start inducing the required changes and it is 90% based on NLP.
  3. The actual process of changing behaviours, limiting beliefs and decisions according to well-designed goals, functions primarily by deprogramming the mental mechanisms and then replacing them with the desired ones. It is 100% based on NLP techniques.

Areas of Intervention:

  • Relational skills – professional and personal relationships, communication capabilities.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Learning abilities, dyslexia, adolescence, menopause.
  • Psychosomatic diseases – anorexia, depression, obesity, addictions, phobia.

When exercising my coaching, I have discovered that important dynamics are usually set up during a session and continue to move indefinitely within the unconscious, bringing unexpected results. I am currently living my dynamics fully and the results have been far above expectation although there was some time of exhausting positive turmoil.

Helena Maurtot, Architect/Designer, was certified as an NLP Practitioner in June 1999, and an NLP Master Practitioner in May 2001. Through her own amazing journey of self-discovery and using NLP to coach herself towards integration, she is now reaching out to help other people towards their integration. Her Contact Nos. are 9750-5400, 254-1745, 254-8161.