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Recruiting talent can be a ‘hit or miss’ because it is difficult to predict people’s productivity, motivation level and how long they will stay in the role. And even when you succeed in spotting ‘A’ talent, you’d still need to convince them to join you.

Now you don't have to pay expensive profiling fees or get people to do long tests to find out if they are a right fit. Once you master the LAB Profile®, there are no costs for profiling.

The LAB Profile® is built seamlessly into your interview process to suss out the hidden patterns in everyday language and behaviour that tells you what gets a person motivated. Most of all, it gives you a framework to speak the language in your candidates' minds—to convince them to join you.

Join us for an Online Seminar on 20 May, 8pm SGT, to learn about:

  • Profiling people’s invisible motivation and productivity patterns, including how long they may stay in a job
  • Optimising candidate selection with a scientific and structured process
  • How to predict synergy and compatibility between candidate & manager
  • Apply the Language of Influence to buy-in people to join you 
  • Details and Offer for the upcoming Virtual Course for LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification, which you can master, happening in July!

Beyond salary and benefits, there are other intangible reasons why people choose to join an organisation.

Most people seek roles where they can be “in their element”; most people value growth and opportunities to stretch beyond their current limitations. People also stay in roles where they have synergy with their boss and colleagues. 

Now you can have a system to uncover these invisible reasons and present them to your desired candidates—so that they can see the real value of joining you and your organisation.

LAB Profile® Recruitment Process Certification

The cost of acquiring a bad hire averages as high as $240,000 in expenses.

Jörgen Sundberg // CEO of Link Humans

According to a new study by Leadership IQ, a global leadership training and research company, 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months. While hard skills experience and technical competencies are easy to assess in hiring, they are unreliable predictors of whether a newly hired employee will succeed or fail.

Mark Murphy // CEO of Leadership IQ

Main Speaker

Dianne is an award-winning NLP Master Trainer & LAB Profile® Master Trainer, with more than 30 years of experience working with HR and Technical Professionals, Leadership Teams, and Senior Executives. She is known as “UK’s leading strategist on engaging the profitable brainpower on your payroll”.

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