By Nathanael Seers Ong


What is the definition of Faith?

These words whisper through the wilderness. While a story is being told by a tree that stands strong over a green pasture. Let me share with you a story, one of faith & determination.

Long ago there was this seed, one who longed to know the secret to be strong & successful. In that instance, a gust of wind came. And with it, it carries seeds that rest upon its shoulders. “Come join me!” says the wind. “And I will bring you to the outermost parts of the world, where you will see what the world has installed for you with success.” “But I’m afraid,” says the seed.


Words of unison echo from the sky as those seeds that rest upon the wind speak, “Don’t be. So were we once. See, we are having loads of fun. And have travelled afar till we rest our ground for success. Come & join us & know what it feels like to be free. Taking the leap of faith, this seed hangs on to the wind & off it went. Like a bird that soars the sky, it feels great to be able to see what the world has installed.

Wow! What a fascinating sight, a stream of rivers, mountains that form foundations, & the sunlight that shines over the horizon ~ all so beautiful.

It’s so wonderful to be free. Suddenly, there was a tug, and this seed begins to descend. “Wait for me!” cries the seed. “Don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me behind,” the cries that remain unheard from the distance as the wind carries the rest, & fades. This seed lands on safe ground, full of soil, but emptiness lies within its heart.

“Why has it got to be like this? Questions, questions & questions… Why?”

While it continues to question, a strike of lightning flashes across the sky. Thunder roars above the heavens as drops of rain begin to fill the grounds. Rain begins to pour, & this water starts to move the edge of the soil. Within minutes, this seed has been fully submerged in the soil. Tears begin to fill its eyes, as words of lament fill its mind. “If only I had stayed behind. If only I had chosen not to leave. If only…Why is the world so unfair to me? Why has it got to be me that has fallen from the wind? Why, Why, Why???”

With sadness & hurt that fills its heart, he began to fall into a deep sleep. A voice in his head rang constantly, “Hang in there, trust me, hang in there!” And rest, for the days that follow has a great impact on his existence. In the darkness of the soil, for a long period, has brought him deeper into despair. While his heart laments, the voice constantly reminds him, “Trust me, hang in there.”

A sudden light breaks the darkness, blinding him momentarily.

“What’s this? Another disaster awaits me?” As he is lifted higher up, he begins to realise that the days in the soil has deeply rooted him. And now he is growing into a plant, one who will stand the test of time – days, weeks, months & years.

This day, the seed has grown into a strong tree. One who has seen strong winds & roaring thunder. Sun rising & setting over the horizon. This seed is the tree that stands here telling you this story right now. One who has witnessed the secret to be strong & successful.

“My children, take the leap of faith. Trust the unconscious, for times of decline are only steps that bring you closer to your upliftment.”

As the night draws near, a whisper in the woods fills even the unconscious. Strain your ears & you will hear the slightest words that fill your heart. When you believe it, you will see it.”

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