By Irene Khor

I have almost always, challenged myself to do things differently. I used to believe that to be successful in life, I had to set my own distinct standards. Even if I was just a pebble on the beach, I wanted to be THE unique one. That’s probably the reason why I had difficulty setting goals in the past. I certainly had no idea that I almost lost myself along the way.

One fine day, I felt that something was missing from my life so I began to look for answers.

As the saying goes, ‘the truth is out there”. Amongst other things, I registered for the NLP practitioner course despite having financial challenges; I trusted my gut feeling and told myself, “If anything in my life was to change, it had to be me!”

As the training took its course, I figured out why I never found any answers all these years. I had been looking for it, in all the wrong places. The answers are within me, not out there.

My “A-ha” Moment

It led me to solve the ‘mystery’ I’ve carried with me all my life. My realisation was: “I do not have to be different to be myself; by being myself, I am different!” I may be just a pebble, but each pebble is meant to be the way they are, in making the beach as beautiful as it is. It exists to complete not to compete.

With that awareness, my perception of the world and myself took a tremendous shift.

Each training day, I begin acknowledging myself for things I’ve done well.

I was able to accept, appreciate and love myself for what I am. I can’t imagine how I had lived all my life with someone I didn’t understand, did not treasure, and neglected all these years – Myself!

I used to believe:

  • I didn’t ‘know’ myself, hence didn’t know what I want.
  • I didn’t have a compelling reason even for my existence in this world.

After two weeks of training, I feel like I have entered a parallel universe. Life has a new meaning, new hope. I have a new beginning. I am experiencing being the kid I once was, being a ‘dreamer’ of possibilities.

With NLP, I have taken back the steering wheel at the driver seat of my life and move on.

Putting Dreams to Paper

I have started to ink my mission and dreams and went on scripting my goals within a week. I compiled them into a folder and call it my “dream book”. Not only do I know what I wanted to do, I know WHY I’m doing it.

My dreams are pretty simple – To live life passionately. Everyone can do it too, if only they know and love themselves. I will continue the journey to find the pathway of self-discovery and to share with those in search of answers, one person at a time.

The NLP techniques have provided me with a multitude of choices in ways of how I can achieve my goals. Yet nothing beats learning the simple basics, the way Barney taught it – simply inspiring!

Barney’s outstanding coaching to me is like a burning candle that provides light on the darkest nights. It shines with a ray of choices and paths of possibilities. The choice is mine. Therefore, I choose to make life better by giving it fresh new meaning and live it as beautiful as the rainbow.

When I have faith and believe in myself, I:

Dare to dream;
Dare to live;
Dare to change!

“Everyone has a gift, one just needs to know it to nurture it.”

Irene Khor is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and Mind Transformations’ NLP Practitioner (2003). Find out more about Irene:

Adopt empowering beliefs, dismantle self-sabotage, plan and act on your own compelling goals through NLP Practitioner’s Training.

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