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Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Course

Barney Wee

(Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner Certification)

  “I simply can’t   imagine  using  Hypnosis  without  NLP  or  using NLP  without Time Line Therapy®. In my experience,  the three dovetail perfectly, making them essential partners for a successful NLP practice.” - Dr Tad James, NLP luminary

Positive change and success take time to build. Whether your goals takes months, days or years to achieve, Time line Therapy® and Hynotherapy ensure that you’re free from past blocks while clearing your path for future and current success. 

NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy are inseparable links of a chain. Each becomes more powerful when synergized with the other. Integrated & practiced over a period of time, it brings about some of these noticeable benefits:

What Is Time Line Therapy®?
Your Time Line is where your sub-conscious stores your experiences in relation to time. The Time Line therapeutic process assists the unconscious to release the effects of past negative experiences and change ‘inappropriate’ programming.

What Is Hypnotherapy?
If you’ve ever desired to change, but found yourself chained to useless, old habits, your conscious and sub-conscious mind may be working at cross purposes. Deep change takes place at an unconscious level. Inducing an altered state of mind -through Hypnosis - produces these deep changes with greater ease. At the heart of hypnosis is the artful use of

Benefits of Time Line® Therapy

·         Work on the sub-conscious level allows you to release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programmings in a short period of time. 

Create & install an achievable outcome and install the 
compelling events into your future.

Understand the 
dangers of manifesting destructive emotions and the effects it has on your physical health. 
 Learn to 
preserve the body when those emotions (Anger, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Sadness) are released.

·         Learn to release limiting decisions (“I’m not good enough…,” “I just can’t / don’t….”) that is preventing you from becoming who you are meant to be and achieving what you really want in life.  

·         Gain new perspectives over past events of any “unresolved emotions” through a Time Line therapeutic process when the root cause or first event of a negative emotion has been discovered.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

·         Find your hidden self: The largest and most dominant part of yourself (mind) is the part you are generally unaware of - the subconscious. 
-  It is your “me” that makes all your decisions and directs your daily activities. 
-   That elusive self can’t be found travelling, reading or looking under the bed. 
-   The true self can only be found by looking inward, and is waiting to be discovered by you!  

·         Communicate with your sub-conscious mind & understand how it works - values, misconceptions, practical & successful uses.   

·         Mastery as a hypnotist - become confident at hypnotizing self and others in your Coaching Practice. 

·         Learn the fundamentals of hypnotic language patterns as keys to hypnotic suggestion.  

·         Learn to conduct The Suggestibility Test with confidence to establish your client's degree of suggestability. 

·         An introduction to emotional dissociation - to deal with intense emotion creatively.

Walk away with these skills:-

·         Understand the nature of the subconscious mind

·         Learn the correlation between time, memory & experience

·         The characteristics of in time/ through time behaviours

·         Elicit your time line

·         How to have mastery over time

·         Acquire the ability to move back to your past & future

·         Be able to shift your time line according to your needs

·         How to gather ‘resources’ on your time line

·         How to position yourself on your time line for maximum results

·         Utilize quantum approaches to deconstruct negative emotions

·         Understanding Morris Massey’s work on personality developmental periods

·         Find the root cause of your negative emotions

·         Learn how to release the  negative emotions (anger, fear, hurt, guilt, sadness) & preserve the learnings

·         Release limiting decisions that prevent you from becoming who you want to be

·         Eliminate phobias using the fast phobia technique on the time line

·         Find out the secret of creating the future – creating and installing compelling events into the future

 And more...

Walk away with these skills:-

·         The Fundamentals of Hypnotic Language Patterns

·         Overview of the Value (Limitations) of Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

·         Conduct the Suggestibility Test with Confidence to find out your client’s Degree of Suggestibility

·         Master the keys to Effective Suggestion

·         Understand Simple Rules of the Conscious & Sub-conscious Mind and how Hypnosis Works

·         Misconceptions of Hypnosis

·         Overview of Uses of Self-Hypnosis and possibility of cases for private sessions

·         Group Hypnosis experience

·         Suggestibility Tests

·         Induction Techniques & Deepening Techniques

·         Auto-Suggestions

·         Arousal Techniques - Hypnotic Anchoring of Learnings

·         Integration of NLP & Hypnosis

·         ‘Intervention Scripts’ or powerful suggestions for promoting change, such as quit smoking, weight loss, managing stress etc. 

And more...

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