Mind Transformations

Value Proposition 1

Tried & Tested Curriculum

MT's 7 UVPs

  1. Tried & Tested Curriculum
  2. Experience You Can Rely On
  3. Comprehensive Knowledge
  4. Unique Methodologies
  5. Lifestyle Integration
  6. Advancing Professionally In NLP
  7. Dedication To Competence

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Mind Transformations has been in business since 1997.

Many NLP Trainers and organisations have come and gone. Mind Transformations - a locally-owned and growing company, has been providing quality NLP training and coaching since 1997. With consistently 4 NLP Practitioner & 2 Master Practitioner Certification trainings a year since 2002, Mind Transformations holds the largest pool of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners in Singapore, probably in South-East Asia as well. In other words, with more than 70 classes (including classes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand) under its belt, Mind Transformations knows its NLP curriculum, and how to deliver it effectively.

Mind Transformations holds the largest pool of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners in the region.

Value to customers: Mind Transformations' tried & tested curriculum gives you a very rich and tangible learning experience.

"If you are looking for masters, Barney is a very good choice. He is very good at his craft, and he is able to explain complex ideas in a very understandable way. Not only did I learn all those ideas & concepts from him, I also learnt quite alot on his training styles, which helped me in my (own) training."

- Cynthia Zhai
Voice Coach, Speaker & Trainer

"I recommend Barney's NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner programmes above any others in Singapore. I not only had a fun time, I notice Barney's students appear to have a much wider skill set than any of his competitors. That's partly because Barney puts so much of himself into them, I think. All trainers/coaches will want to avail themselves of his expertise.”

- Liz Gay
Trainer & Author of Living From the Heart
(United Kingdom)