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ICI Executive Coach Certification - by Mind Transformations
ICI Professional Coach Certification

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  • How to be more skillful in asking astute questions that cause shifts and “Aha” in your clients
  • How to apply the Multi-Intelligence NLP coaching methodology for your clients’ Whole-Person Development (Mind, Emotions, Behaviours & Life Purpose Alignment)
  • Reading your clients and framing result-producing coaching sessions
  • Crossing over to a Professional: Overcoming your self-limiting beliefs & inner insecurities as a Coach
  • Gaining confidence in coaching a wide range of audience (including difficult clients)
  • How to raise your credibility and value as a Professional Coach
  • How to maximise your MI-NLP coaching pathway and community that supports your growth

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This Accelerator Consultation leads to our Professional Coach Certification programme. This session is not a course or training, but a personalised 1:1 session (worth S$200). To ensure our helpful consultants are able to serve you, we take only two bookings per week.

If you’re keen to get started with our Coaching Programme as soon as possible, apply now!