by Hasnah A.R.

Months have passed since I decided to take on the challenge of recording songs with MNG Music Productions.

When I first recorded ‘Play To The Gallery‘, I quickly adopted the presupposition that recording in a studio required all the resources or strengths I had within me. Presuppositions are useful beliefs and assumptions that we adopt to take us forward in our desired goals.

I was the tool that would communicate to the listeners the intent and meaning of the song. Though I had participated and come in first in several singing competitions years ago, I’d fallen out of touch and so it was really challenging to sing into a microphone again – one that would pick up every little mistake I made!

It was fun for me to apply NLP techniques to interpret songs with greater depth. Our eye patterns are neurologically linked to our senses of sight, sound, feeling and emotions. I used these to get to my visual field to picture the pain/happiness; my kinesthetic location to intensify the emotions; and my auditory recall to remember how I wanted to sound. By my own standards, I’m happy with the expression I was able to deliver. To be able to stretch a note, I used the peripheral vision technique, which allowed me to relax and deliver. And the physiology (or postures) of excellence to get into different states and to create different moods. When my throat began to call it quits, I conveniently used Reiki healing energy to give it a pick-me-up. That really helped!

My biggest challenge came when I started to record my second song – ‘Ancient Dust‘. I somehow couldn’t seem to deliver the song the way I would have liked to. I was facing certain self-limiting blocks to certain notes, resulting in anxiety. I knew it could have been done better. So I consulted Barney (Barney is Mind Transformation’s principal trainer)! I’m really thankful that despite his tight schedule, he found time to explore hypnotherapy, parts integration, timeline therapy, and anchoring with me. I noticed improvements in my next recording session, and I began to see and change what was not working for me. The best part was that I continued to improve till I achieved my desired outcome. I was able to flow and confidently overcome my self-limiting blocks in the song. I’m excited to see how I can apply this new awareness when I record the rest of the album in the coming weeks. In fact, MNG Music and I might even explore the possibility of including hypnotic songs with empowering suggestions!

The journey for me gets more meaningful and purposeful. I consider myself lucky to be part of Mind Transformations, where I meet supportive people who wholeheartedly deliver their mission: “To empower people with generative tools that unleash their Inner Resources for self-actualization.”

Hasnah A.R. more affectionately known as Miss Has is Founder of Positive Focus Pte Ltd. She prides in delivering interactive holistic workshops through fun, Brain Compatible Strategies, relaxation and revolutionary teaching all combined into one. She is truly a holistic healing arts Practitioner.

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