Time is one of the most expensive things in the world. Hence, our intention is to help you maximise your time spent in the NLP training. We have prepared two short and to-the-point videos, so that you can have a good head start.

Important Action Items:

1. Read and sign the Proprietary Agreement on Page vii of your Course Manual.

2. Complete the Preferred Representational System Questionnaire on Page x to xii of your Course Manual.

3. Complete the NLP Assignment 1 before the class. Do update us early if you need more time for this, as late submissions may not be graded.  


4. For the classes, bring along your Course Manual, a jacket/sweater, water bottle, a clipboard and writing materials.

5. If you're utilising SkillsFuture Credit, please submit your claims BEFORE the class starts. There is a claim window, of which, you'd not be able to file the claim after the course begins.

NLP Virtual Training - Getting ready for the Zoom session(s)

05 Jul (Day 4)
04 Aug (Day 5)

These two days are NLP Virtual Training, where we will be doing LIVE class via Zoom.

Please ensure that you register yourself ahead of time, have the right software and a conducive learning environment. 

Action Items:

6. Download Zoom on your laptop/PC:

7. Register for NLP Virtual Training:
(Only registered participants will receive a unique link to join the training)

8. For the virtual sessions, log in through a PC/laptop/tablet. Ensure your camera and mic are working as there will be activities that require you to switch on your camera and mic. 

Today we live in a knowledge-abundant world where information is easily available at our fingertips; but learning, it is a different thing altogether.

Learning is a muscle, an ability that we acquire through experience. This is why we aim to create a practical learning experience for your NLP training. We run this NLP training using Brain-Compatible Teaching, to help you internalise and apply the skills - beyond just understanding the information.

We ask that you are fully prepared to take charge of your learning.

Be fully present and ready to stretch. Walk through this training as if you’d not get to do it again. Our entire team will be walking with you to help you maximise your development.

Got questions?

Write to us at celine.wong@nlpsgasia.com or Whatsapp +65-9365 7989.