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The only future is through: Self evolution or extinction!

We are all affected by the new way of working and living. Even with the new opportunities presented to us, many people are still stuck in their current work-life reality, daily routine and unable to move forward significantly. 

Although people desire a better future in this challenging time, many of them still find themselves not getting ahead in their career and life despite upskilling themselves, changing careers or trying to adapt to the new reality. That's because we are still acting out of fear or avoid dealing with the deeper root causes. We continue to apply band-aid solutions to our work, relationships and life, living as if we are in an old-predictable world.

The way forward to the 21st century future which is going to be changing, conflicting, complex and chaotic is by developing and evolving ourselves at the most fundamental and deep level, else we will be made obsolete sooner than we realised!

Unlocking your future-ready potential in 2021 and beyond

We invite you to jumpstart your work & life towards an exciting future of growth and possibilities on the 15 Jun, SGT 8pm with 4 x Master Trainers and host as they share how you can build on these 4 pillars of self-evolution journeypivotal for leading a better future - whatever the reality or circumstances might look like.

Join us for an Online Seminar on 15 Jun, 8pm SGT, to learn about:

  • Unlocking your Multi-Intelligence potential for whole person mastery: Enhance and expand your multi-intelligence potential and capacity in a fast-changing world that translate to high and sustainable performance in every aspects of life.
  • Designing personal evolution & spiritual growth in a challenging time: Raising one's personality development and living a future-ready life to shine in a challenging time.
  • Enhancing your communication & influence with the invisible patterns of one's language & behaviour: How to communicate powerfully by working with the invisible patterns behind people's language and behaviour to understand, influence and convince other people effectively. 
  • Applying transformational leadership at work that brings organisational breakthrough: How you can build a fulfilling professional advancement that brings about organisational breakthrough by developing the power of who you are.

An evening of enriching conversations with our host and Master Trainers in presenting a future you would love to belong!

Barney Wee is the research and managing director of Mind Transformations. He has a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development. He is also an NLP Master Trainer and a Coach Master Trainer and co-author of the book 'Choices of Now.' His international work includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mauritius.

Dianne Lowther is an award-winning NLP Master Trainer & LAB Profile® Master Trainer, with more than 30 years of experience working with HR and Technical Professionals, Leadership Teams, and Senior Executives. She is known as “UK’s leading strategist on engaging the profitable brainpower on your payroll”.

As a trainer, Agnes Lau really embodies inclusiveness and compassion. She is one of the first Enneagram teachers in South East Asia, since 2000, personally trained by Russ Hudson and the late Don Riso of the Enneagram Institute. She is known for her patience and masterful ways to hold the mirror for people to see and find themselves. 

Seok Hian is an HR & Organisation Development Consultant, as well as an Executive Coach. In the last 10 years, she has profiled more than 600 individual clients and corporate leaders. She specialises in team development and helping leaders of different Enneagram Types achieve their highest potential.

Charlotte Mei is a host, presenter and nutritionist. As a firm a firm advocate of low-impact, eco-conscious living, she is a media personality hosting several shows in CNA 938, CRAVE & Asian Food Network (AFN). More about her professional portfolio here.

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