By Thananrada Thananart (Amm)

The following was transcribed from Amm’s group sharing on the last day of the MNLP Practitioner Course in Bangkok, Thailand in Nov 2012.

“I had a dream almost 10 years ago. when I heard a statement from a well-known nun in Thailand and that was very inspiring for me:

“You can create a better world by nurturing your own children.”

This statement shocked me; how can one person create a better world just by being at home and nurturing her own children?

But after I had my own daughter, I began to realize the wisdom behind the statement. People who were attracted to my daughter’s energy and amazed with her behaviours and performances approached me for the “how-to” more and more.

In my quest of many learnings to unlock my daughter’s true potential, I stepped into NLP, which provided me with a lot of great tools and techniques to uncover talent and tap into hidden resources within, which meant that I could help to empower other parents to do so as well.

My daughter is not inborn gifted but she is gifted by the way of the best nurturing. Looking beyond self, I strongly see that every child has their own gifts, they just need someone to help them explore, to nurture them in the way that suits them well, and to pull out their talents from within to shine, so that they can live a great meaningful life doing what they love from the very young age.


Amm sharing her mission statement with the class.

However, I found it quite challenging to expand my personal vision of “to be the best coach for your own child” to other parents, and I almost gave up my dream after my NLP Practitioner Course, because the more I taught, trained and coached people, the more they came back to me and grew more and more attached to me. It simply was not sustainable and ecological for me to handle such a large group for people and have privacy, space and time for myself. So I almost gave up. but Barney didn’t. He talked a lot to me and persuaded me to pursue the longer and more demanding NLP Master Practitioner course.

So I thought, “OK why not?” Because the course is not only about the Enneagram right? There are a lot of other things I didn’t know. And if it can make things more ecological me and others, why not?”

Ironically, I came to the programme to find great tools, yet eventually, I ended up discovering myself. I really know who I am now, what is my values, where are my limits and how I can expand my vision ecologically. I as an ordinary person can have a life that I dreamed of; I don’t have to be a big person to do big things, I can be in my home with my family, know what my priorities are, and in that space, already making a difference to society.


Amm after a coaching session with a course mate.

A lot more people now come to me for coaching, to find the tools and structure for parenting, in my time and in my day. And lately, during the MNLP, I was able to go on an interview on TV because of the Somatic Syntax with the “State of Openness” that Barney did for me. Also, outside group of people showed interest in my home training right after the “Pathway to Integration” and “Logical Level Alignment” processes done with Barney. In addition, 3 days ago, I was invited to write a column in Family Travel Magazine, about my vision on how parents can bring the best out of their children.

I never thought that this will be the kind of results because I did not expect them. This course has been really transformational for me. Right now, in my Hero’s Journey, I am at “finding my way home”, to share my spiritual learning, of who I am, and what is my message to send out, to pace and lead my family’s growth, through learning and understanding my new identity.

I would like to thank Barney, Agnes, Be and the Mind Transformations’ team for all the hard work. I can see your good intentions to really bring out the best and the beauty within me, and make me ready for my journey ahead. Also, thank you all my classmates for such great jobs as my coaches. I always received great results from every coaching session. As you can see, as an Enneagram Type 2, I can now nurture myself, be emotionally aware, and for the first time, there are no tears even when speaking out from my inner self.”