Mind Transformations

Learn NLP without searching for hours
on the Internet

Searching the internet for quality learning material is time consuming, repetitive, and sometimes even boring.

Especially for a big subject topic like NLP, there are simply too many websites talking about it, and you may easily wonder where you should start, and which has content which is trustworthy.

Well, we have been in your shoes before and we understand the pain of not having a smooth learning journey.

To that end, we have created a

7-part NLP Mini E-Course

to smoothen your NLP learning curve.

This course runs over the next 7 weeks, where you will be getting an email a week, each with detailed explanation of NLP concepts and step-by-step implementation plans that you can use to create results in your life.

We have carefully designed the course to be bite-sized, comprehensive and practical so that anyone can quickly pick up basic NLP skills over a short period of time.

Here's a preview of what we will be covering:

- What NLP is and what it has in common with cellphones
- The biggest, most obvious mistake people make in communication, and how NLP corrects it
- How to "manipulate" people & make them love you for it
- How to ask powerful questions - the NLP way
- The emotional management technique Rafael Nadal use for peak performance during his games
- How to change your life by changing your beliefs
- Why getting promoted can become a crisis for some, and how NLP can help you avoid that
And much more...


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