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The positive feedback from our customers encourages us to keep doing what we are doing

  • "Trainer is brilliant! Never encountered so much dedication and discipline. A real magician contributing to an amazing transformation of people."

    - Helene Maurtot
    Architect, France

  • "Barney Wee is highly skilled at relating complex information to everybody without being boring in the least."

    - Almut Rieger
    Psychologist, Germany

  • "I highly recommend Barney as a Professional Trainer for any company or individual who wants to make a difference. I have yet to meet a trainer or attended a seminar that has matched his standard of excellence."

    - Chusan See Toh
    Supply Chain Manager, Singapore

  • "If not for Barney's sincerity, enthusiasm and patience, I wouldn't be what I am today."

    - Rugayah Kassim
    Teacher, Singapore

  • "The NLP Training is so enjoyable - it really has changed my life. It has made my life so much easier and has erased years of problems and inner conflict.  I never thought that this could be possible with such a short course."

    - Jane Williams
    Teacher, U.K.

  • "Fun, lively, knowledgeable and he keeps it simple. Barney is abundant in his sharing of his gift to all of us."

    - Cynthia Wihardja
    Business Coach, Indonesia

  • "Barney Wee has a powerful way of teaching that brings out the best in each one of us. The NLP training gave me a structure on how to go about making my dreams come true."

    - Rajesh Ravindran
    Senior Production Technician, Singapore

  • "I am blessed to have met Barney. I have grown so much during the 12 days compared to my 24 years."

    - Rekha Veliappan
    Teacher, Singapore

  • I must say that Barney is the MOST conscientious NLP Trainer and Coach I have ever seen. If you want fast-food style NLP training, go somewhere else. If you want the REAL Thing, go get Barney! BTW, book him in advance as he is real busy!

    - C J Ng
    Business Performance Consultant, Singapore

  • "I learned NLP through Barney and can describe his program as 'worth the time and money'. Barney is very passionate about NLP and made sure that I and the rest of my classmates learned the NLP tools and techniques. He extended himself, removing chronic fears and limiting beliefs of the trainees. In the course of his work, he touches many lives. In mine, he opened my mind to a world with more choices."

    - Alan Dias
    Director of Training and Research, Singapore

  • "Mind Transformations is focused and committed to the participants in using the latest change technologies, helping them apply NLP into their life from day 1."

    - Eric Soo
    Director of Sales, Singapore

  • "NLP has helped me to work better with the people around me. I seem to have picked up a knack for understanding their intentions and picking up cues on whether I am communicating effectively. I am glad that through the program, I have picked up some new beliefs on receiving feedback, breaking down perceptions and that I am in charge of my mind. Those beliefs have made me more confident in my communication with my colleagues and with the tools learnt in the program I was able to reconstruct hidden intentions and extract people's values and belief systems too. Without trying too hard, I find myself being able to appreciate my colleagues and family in a new light and it's just amazing."

    - Benson Sim
    Corporate Trainer

  • "Barney is somebody whom you can TRUST as he believes in building the right VALUES with the INVALUABLE lifeskills which he imparts."

    - Choong Tsuiwei
    Lecturer, Singapore

  • "The main reason I enjoyed and learnt so much from this course was Barney's commitment to each of us, without it, it would have been just another course that remained a distant memory."

    - Neeta O'Keefe
    Counselor, United Kingdom

  • "As a managing director, I constantly acquire skills to enable high performance in both my works and personal development. With two Diplomas, a Degree and an MBA, I thought I found all the knowledge that I could use. With NLP I found the potential I could not previously grasp within my faculty. NLP has bridged the dichotomy of knowledge from the books and the unseen potentials of my subconscious mind. The ability to explore and exercise my subconscious mind and indeed the hidden potential within are probably the best tools I have attained to achieve my objectives in business and personal communications - with the help of NLP."

    - E.J. Onn
    General Manager, Singapore

  • "Barney has great enthusiasm, caring and concern, really stretches the students, always interesting, giving the best of himself and clearly motivated by his dreams."

    - Lau Wai Yarn
    Statistician, Singapore

  • "NLP has helped me to understand and respect the map of other people. I realised I did not pace and lead people in my organisation according to their speed of growth. As a result many of them did not make it to the top. Equipped with NLP training, the responsibility now lies with me to guide my business partners to reach the top of their career. Thanks Barney for his commitment and delegation to make sure that we are able to apply NLP skills to improve the quality of our life. A new chapter of my life has just began."

    - Mary Ng
    Entrepreneur & Sales Coach, Singapore

  • "I'm captivated by Barney's passion, excellence and expertise in helping others achieve desired outcomes thru NLP. It was a delight to hear the 'a-ha's echoed by people who felt his 'magic' at a corporate training, exceeding expectations. I would recommend Barney to any company that dares to promise an astounding, exceptional learning experience that is guaranteed to impact growth and results."

    - Cathy Lee
    HR & Leadership Development Specialist, Singapore

  • "My career track had shown that I doubled my income every 2 years, for the last 8 years. After learning NLP in 2004, for the first time, I have tripled my income within 2 years. It’s a record for me and also a remarkable achievement!"

    - Hingdranata Nikolay
    HR & Training Manager, Indonesia

  • "Many corporate executives will attest, a significant amount of our time is vested in leading change in our organisation. It could be re-configuring business model, revamping market strategies, remaking a business unit, or even undertaking consolidation work.
    In the last six years of my career, I have undertaken most of the transformation effort mentioned above. Success has been inconsistent. In some cases, results met the key performance criteria of the business (and satisfied) the interests of other stakeholders. In other cases, outcome achieved fell short of expectation or the desired outcome took longer than I would like. In all cases, it is the people that make the difference. NLP has shown me a way to tap my inner resource to bring out the best in people."

    - Chan Wai Kheong
    General Manager, Singapore

  • "... the Senior Vice President commented, “you trained with passion and warmth, you are a good trainer”. One of the Regional staff (from Singapore) commented that of the few countries that she visited where similar training was conducted, the Malaysian office did it the best i.e. with professionalism, passion, well delivered and getting the messages across. ... the Vice President of Legal & Compliance also complimented me, “well done, very well done!” And after that I received sms and e-mail compliments for the well-delivered training. Wow! I can’t believe I am seeing the result now. I remembered delivering it with confidence, high energy and passion. I had a breakthrough about “Confidence". I am very happy that I was able to break that “limiting belief."

    - Grace Chan
    Learning & Development Manager , Malaysia

  • "NLP was worth every penny I paid for it. It has allowed me to gain more rapport with people and to control my emotions. This is translated into several benefits: a) improved sales and marketing results, b) improved staff coaching and productivity, and c) better family relationships. I plan on sending all my staff to Mind Transformations NLP courses to drive the results through my organization. I would recommend the NLP program to anyone."

    - Paul Stefansson
    Head of Investment Specialists in Funds, Hedge Funds & Private Equity, Sales Trainer, Speaker, CFA, CAIA , Canada

  • "I have been in contact with some of Denmark's leading coaches within communication, sales psychology, goal setting and personal development. Barney Wee beats them all!!! His way of conducting the training makes every minute very interesting and there is room for fun as well. It is obvious that he constantly seeks for challenge and excellence not only for himself, but also for others, which made a big impact on me and will be with me when I move on in my career."

    - Charlotte Stage
    Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Denmark

  • "I need to confess that the 12-days NLP had been one of my most challenging and enduring experience, academically and socially...The richness of this experience can be eternal…I found the relevance of how practical NLP is to our day-to-day walk in life, at work and with friends. This is when all the pieces of the course content though seemed rather "mixture maxture" initially, started to fit the jigsaw when we put learning to experience and to allow it to internalize.Thanks to Barney Wee the trainer. He is one great guy; unbelievably spontaneous, so full of fun, talented animator, pleasant choice of training aids but above all these, seriously intent with his competency as a trainer, coach, role model."

    - Vicky Chang
    HR Training Manager, Malaysia

  • "NLP has given me tools which are useful in all situations in life. Especially the techniques used to effect the subconscious mind are most interesting for my personal development. Complicated decisions or changes suddenly appear easier to handle and I now fully realize the importance of setting goals positively. NLP has given me knowledge of communication, which makes life so much more interesting, and it will be very useful in my career. NLP gives me the urge to constantly challenge myself and I am now able to use even failures for positive development."

    - Charlotte Stage
    Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Denmark

  • "An understanding and practical knowledge of NLP has made a difference to just about every area of my life! I now have the capacity to appreciate many more perspectives on situations, which gives me a greater understanding of the messages I am giving and receiving. It has made me more compassionate, balanced, relaxed and positive about my approach to what were once difficult interactions. Barney is a superb trainer, and has a very kind and generous spirit."

    - Jacqueline Rosenberg
    Ph.D., Psychologist, Consultant

  • "I am blessed to have met Barney. I have grown so much during the 12 days compared to my 24 years."

    - Rekha Veliappan
    Teacher, Singapore

  • "I can't believe how I allowed my self-doubt and limiting beliefs to take control of my life all these years, to the extent that I sabotaged myself whenever something good happens. Thank goodness, with NLP I've taken back the steering wheel in my life, drove all those things that doesn't belong to my present, and put it back to where it's supposed to be; the past.Now, not only do I know what I wanted to do with my life, I know WHY I'm doing it. What makes it complete for me is so-called "How-to" tools. The techniques learnt have provided me with a multitude of choices in ways of how I can achieve my goals. Yet nothing beats learning the basics, the way the program have been taught in Mind Transformations - it's simply inspiring."

    - Irene Khor
    Complementary Health Practitioner, Singapore

  • "NLP has made a very great impact on my behavior. It has trained me to believe in myself and helped me achieve the goals that I thought were dreams. NLP gave me the confidence that I lacked to handle difficult life situations. I have made the NLP presuppositions my guiding principles. So much so that when I want to embark on any communication, I inevitably call to mind the first NLP presupposition: "The map is not the territory". Adopting this axiom has helped put brakes on my rashness, reminded me to think of others, and guided my course of action successfully."

    - Chan Soon Keng
    University Lecturer

  • "NLP has given me the skills and tools to use my knowledge and abilities in ways that I never thought possible. It has given me a sense of confidence and has ignited a force within me to move forward and be all that I can be within myself, and in my interaction and relationships with others. Being in the field of education, NLP has also enhanced my capabilities in maximising the potential in others. Barney's GIFTEDNESS in his knowledge-base and techniques allows him to stretch people to explore and capitalise not only their strengeths, but parts of them they didn't even know they had."

    - Alefiya M. Nomanbhoy
    Ph.D. in Learning Disabilities

  • "For NLP training, Barney is one of the best in Singapore, probably in the region too. He demonstrates the kind of commitment and panache to his craft other trainers can only dream about. Don't just think about it, take massive action ... like I did!"

    - Clinton Lim
    Buzan Certified Trainer

  • "Barney Wee has a powerful way of teaching that brings out the best in each one of us. The NLP training gave me a structure on how to go about making my dreams come true."

    - Rajesh Ravindran
    Senior Production Technician, Singapore


    "A most powerful course that sharpens your senses, awakens your subconscious mind and shapes your destiny. Be ready for a mind transformation."

    - Candice Cheng
    Training Manager, Singapore

  • "Initially I was sceptical as NLP appeared to be manipulative… My perception changed after Mind Transformations’ NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Course… I use NLP to help people get on with their work and lives, playing a mentoring and coaching role. I derive tremendous satisfaction from it."

    - Dr. Lim Boon Huat
    Managing Director, Rohde & Schwarz Asia

  • "There are only a few life-changing things in my life and NLP with Barney teaching it is one. With my warmest appreciation, I would like to thank him with all my heart."

    - Annie Barangan
    Senior Research Manager, Singapore

  • "For NLP training, Barney is one of the best in Singapore, probably in the region too. He demonstrates the kind of commitment and panache to his craft other trainers can only dream about. Don't just think about it, take massive action ... like I did!"

    - Clinton Lim
    Buzan Certified Trainer

  • "This is an excellent program for all, as it will be good even for those who 'think' they have no problems."

    - Tan Kwan Liang

  • "The program has definitely changed my life…it marks a turning point for me…there's no going back."

    - Brigid Varghese
    Fitness Instructor

  • "A lifetime opportunity to bring about a breakthrough in your life as well as in those whom you love and care."

    - Sukhdeep Kaur


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