We have resumed in-person trainings with extensive safety and health measures

How we empower the community with in-person development & digital resources

We need both in-person development and digital tools to grow, excel and improve in this world of volatility, complexity and uncertainty

During this period of social distancing, many people have reached out to us with a very clear motivation to further their development. As we get affected by the pandemic and economic impact, the need to reinvent ourselves become stronger; to keep up with the increasing demands of the "new normal".

While all of us strive to minimise unnecessary social interactions as much as we can, human touch remains a vital component. In business, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, motivating people to go the extra mile, raising people's potential—all these are at the forefront of this pandemic. According to a recent CGS survey, consumers are craving a human touch in customer service more so than ever.

The way forward in navigating revolutionary times like these is not linear, but multi-dimensional. That includes both in-person experience and digital technology to help us sustain optimum performance and well-being safely.

Below, you'll see the safety, health and support measures we've introduced so far, along with a set of resources we hope will help you better respond in this current climate of uncertainty.

How we run our programs

Our routines that enhance the well-being and safety of our customers, while delivering quality in our training.

Safety, health and wellbeing practices

Our training venue--Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild (SPGG) will be moving into Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management (VDS) from 1 Jan 2022.


Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

ART self test

Our team and trainers take regular ART self-testing before the start of every class modules under supervision.


Compulsory health declaration

health declaration

We require all participants including our team to complete a health declaration before coming to class. Only those who fulfill the health & safety criteria can attend the in-person training programmes.


Top-end air sanitizer & ventilation

We use 2 x Boomerang Air Sanitizers to purify the classroom throughout the day. Unlike other air purifiers, the Boomerang actively purifies the air AND surfaces throughout a room. It can kill viruses on surfaces like a door handle. A recent study found that the technology killed 99.998% of MERS virus on a surface in just 4 hours. 

We also keep some window panels open to facilitate ventilation and introduce frequent breaks in-between sessions for participants to step out into outdoor spaces.


Frequent disinfection

disinfect common use items in class

Commonly used or accessed items are disinfected and clean by our team, such as door handles, water dispenser, microphones, foam markers for coaching practises. We  disinfect the classroom facilities with non-chemical, non-toxic anti-bacterial sprays 2 times per day.


Wearing masks/face shields


All participants, facilitators and trainers are wearing masks/face shields all the time during our in-person trainings.


Class size capped to a maximum of 40 pax

safe class size management 2

To maintain the safe distancing, we capped the class size to a maximum of 40 people, including our trainer, facilitators and team. We adjust this measure according to the latest guidelines of the government, venue and SkillsFuture.


Reinforcing hygiene practices

safety reminders in class

We present regular reminders through posters and announcements on various hygiene routines, such as washing of hands, to empower participants to adopt habits for the wellbeing and safety of everyone.


Easily accessible hand sanitizers

hand sanitisers

We have hand sanitizers around the tea break areas and at multiple locations in the classroom and we encourage our participants to use them to sanitise their hands regularly.


Tea break items are individually packed

individually packed tea break items

Tea break items for participants are individually packed for each participant and stationed outdoors to facilitate consumption in a well-ventilated space.


Energy management for peak performance

healthy snacks tea break

We help people maintain a high quality of energy for optimum learning. One thing we implemented is we have worked out a meal plan with the F&B outlet of the venue to provide participants with an option based on intelligent food combination. Our tea break items are mainly plant-based to boost energy management.

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Take a step forward with us

MT courses coaching and organisation training programs 2021 ver1

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We deliver online/digital and in-person trainings (adopting the above measures) while maintaining the quality, integrity and experience of the programs for students' benefit. We provide a comprehensive repertoire of professional and personal mastery courses, one-on-one coaching and training services. They range from public programs, corporate projects to leadership and management team development. Talk to us to help you customise a solution today.

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