NLP Master Practitioner Course FAQs


What is the difference between the NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification?

NLP and MNLP Course Content Comparison Table

Thinking, feeling, acting linearly and sequentially Observe, diagnose and respond cyclically and simultaneously
Emphasis on self Emphasis on self in relation to others
Focus on behavioral and cognitive levels of personal change Focus on Beliefs values and identity level for wholistic and lasting self development
Observing self and others through Representational Systems Advanced calibration of self and others through Metaprograms and Enneagram Personality Profiling
SCORE Model Complete, multidimensional SCORE using spatial sorting & physiological markers
Basic Anchoring through Generative Resource Anchoring, Collapse Anchors & Chaining Anchors Advanced Anchoring through Somatic Syntax
Basic Intention Setting Advanced Intent-Driven Actions with Dr. Hawkins “Map of Consciousness”
Basic Coaching – Multi-level coaching
– Coaching, Mentoring & Sponsoring Exercises
– Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Coaching
Basic Perceptual Positions Richer and more perspectives through SOAR Model
Basic Strategies – Creativity Strategies through the Disney Model
– “Generative” NLP
State Management Deeper, Wider State Management & Personal Alignment
– Quantum Psychological Tools
(also known as Energy Psychology)
– Personal Mission Formulation
– Pathways to Healthy Self (Enneagram)
– Core Resource State Management

And many more…

How will be the Master Pract relevant to me?

Read more here.

What can I learn from Mind Transformations Master’s NLP Practitioner Course that I can’t find elsewhere?

The Multi-Intelligence-NLP. More here.

What useful materials will I receive when I sign up?

This is what you’ll be getting with the course package:

  1. Comprehensive Manual (500+ pgs)
  2. Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Interventions
  3. Personal Mission Formulation (First draft)
  4. Course Flip-Charts
  5. Personal Development Action Plan

How can I prepare myself to maximise my investment?

Take action early! As per the Practitioners’ course, there are pre-course preparations, and there are more work to be completed this time round. The assignments are longer and there is a movie assignment, amongst others. Signing up early will give your more time to do all this. Prepare well and come into class with the right frame of mind to ensure your investment is well spent. Avoid last minute flustering!

How can I get some of my other important questions answered?

Please feel free to contact us. Our hope is to help you maximise our programmes to bring out the best in you.


What is the real cost of investing over $4000 in MNLP?

Consider this, a 1-day corporate workshop would conservatively cost you about $400. On the other hand, your investment in this value-overflowing course is not $350 per day; it’s not even $300 – it’s less than $270 per day. That’s less than $40/hour for our full day lessons from 9am – 630pm, for 16 days.


What are the course dates and time?

You can get the latest details at the Course Enrollment page.

Timing will be largely similar to the Practitioners, 9.00am – 6.30pm, with 2 tea breaks included.

How do I overcome time limitations to attend the course?

We fully understand and respect your busy schedule and time constraints. To minimize disruptions to your personal and professional schedules, we have streamlined the overall curriculum to 16 days. But let’s face a fact, we all only have so much time in life, and this is why we need to prioritize what’s important for us. Our time will always flow to what’s important for us.


Course Assignments
Practical Observation & Analytical Skills
Coaching Diagnostic Report
Class Attendance & Competency
Demonstration Evaluation

70/100 = C. MNlp.Pr


What can I do to reserve my place in this program?

There are several ways you can do this. As always, we strive to make things as flexible as possible.

Enrol online here.

– Enroll offline – call or email us.

Once you have made at least a deposit payment, we will send you your manual for you to start your pre-course preparations.