"It’s challenging to deliver ‘Aha moments’ in every coaching session so clients can say they got value from the session."

Coaches have used Mind Transformations' Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Personality Profile to enable over 2900 people to gain both "Aha moments" AND transformative action plans.

Corporate & Institutional Clients who have used the NLE Profile

Coaches find it so difficult to quantify the value of their coaching

Why do coaches find it so difficult to quantify the value of their coaching and confidently command a professional fee?  

  • When they invested so much into their coach training but still struggle to demonstrate the impact of their coaching.
  • When they know they can help a client, but the client doesn’t see the importance of developing themselves.
  • When they have talked so much about the value of coaching, but clients are still sceptical. 
  • When their clients perceive coaching as just “having a conversation”, which they can do themselves.
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The last thing on a coach’s mind is to give up on their passion for coaching.  

To attract clients so they can keep coaching, many coaches:

  • Create more social media posts to showcase themselves and their services 
  • Learn more marketing and sales tactics
  • Join more networking events 
  • Hold more Instagram/TikTok Live sessions
  • Publish more e-books and podcasts

These tactics are not sustainable if you cannot consistently provide your clients with a tangible and safe platform to experience the benefits of your coaching.  

When clients are unsure, they resist by being sceptical. They don’t commit, nor take action. This way, they preserve their current familiarity (including their recurring challenges), which feels more comfortable than trying something new and intangible. 

But you and I know that this is the very reason why clients need coaching. 

  • All your clients have untapped potential. 
  • All your clients have the ability to break free of their current challenges.
  • All your clients deserve greater results for themselves. 

This is why you owe it to yourself and your clients to be bold in offering something tangible. 

Your clients are looking for a reason to say yes to you, and to themselves. Give them something tangible to take away so they can see the benefits of coaching, just as you do, and are more well-equipped for their growth journey.

The Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) -  the tool that enables you to deliver impact and “Aha” moments right from the start of your first coaching session.

Joseph Ch'ng

Hi, my name is Joseph Ch’ng. 

I am a co-developer of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Profiling System, together with Agnes Lau and Seok Hian Tang. I am also an NLP Trainer & Coach Trainer at Mind Transformations. 

Our training and coaching services started as far back as 1997. Since then, we have coached and profiled more than 4000 individuals, in Singapore and overseas. 

We have certified more than 400 NLE Practitioners and Professional Coaches (just like you), who want to do meaningful and impactful development work with people and organisations. 

Today, many of our NLE Practitioners and Coaches are booked ahead of time to deliver NLE Profiling sessions for clients. Many of these bookings are paid coaching sessions.

I am always delighted when our Practitioners share stories of their wins with their clients.

You see, most coaches worry about delivering value because every client is unique and they may not have the knowledge or experience to coach them.

They dread hearing clients give polite comments (“I had a good time.”) or just make a plain logical connection about something they already knew. It’s really doubtful if the session went well at all.

If you were to take a step back to understand people, you’d realise your clients can have different goals, challenges or desires. What’s common is the psychology of human personalities. 

For coaching to be impactful, we want to work directly with the human personality, which is wired to our unconscious mind. Yes, most people are driven by their personalities - that they don’t know much about. 

To consistently deliver impactful coaching, you need a map to navigate these unconscious human personalities. The NLE provides the exact tool and process to fulfil this purpose.

In short, when you use the NLE with your clients, you are accessing a comprehensive personality profiling system, personalised into a 19-page report for your client. Coupled with your coaching skills, which is what you do best, you create a psychologically safe zone to connect their personality insights with their goals, desires and challenges. 

Using our proven NLE debriefing framework, you will see your clients travel beyond the cognitive limits of their logical minds and draw emotional connections to their unseen potential and unspoken positive intentions that they have been unable to articulate freely. Until you came.

Of course, this is not something you can master overnight or by asking ChatGPT. 

This is why our NLE Practitioner Certification is NOT one day, NOT two days, but FIVE DAYS OF IMMERSIVE TRAINING, in person.

So you can truly feel confident of the value you can bring, with less struggle and more consistency. And you can start charging for coaching using the NLE Profile debrief and securing new clients in no time.

Hear From These Coaches About Our
Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) Training

I have improved two notches on a scale of 1 to 10, and I feel more confident in coaching people professionally.

Madeline Chua

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Certified Life & CareerCoach

The programme has added a new layer to my coaching toolkit. I now use the NLE to meaningfully and purposefully help my clients.

Irene Lim

AVP Customer Relations

Introducing Mind Transformations’

5-Day Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification

An accredited training programme by the International Enneagram Association (IEA)

Learn the tool that makes human beings predictable—and hence, consistently “coachable” even though they are unique.

Most of your coaching clients already have logical explanations for why they do what they do. They enjoy some successes and continue to experience some recurring challenges in their lives. 

To enable breakthroughs for clients, the key is to work with both their logical mind and the unconscious personality that runs them. This unconscious personality pattern influences their daily decisions and emotions, and causes challenges in some relationships. The more they believe this is “who they are”, the more they become entrenched in their problems and limited in their potential. Worse, they believe that their problems are their “life path”. 

When you learn the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, you’ll realise that regardless of their individual goals, desires and challenges, human beings are predictable. This ability to predict them gives you a solid foundation in finding ways to coach them despite their unique issues.

With the NLE, you will:

Work directly with the human personality

Go beyond surface behaviours to address the underlying human motivation limiting people’s successes and causing them to suffer repeatedly in their self-fulfilling prophecies.

Apply personality profiling without stereotypes

Support people in overcoming their attachment and aversion to stereotyping labels commonly experienced with profiling, which block their growth and transformations.

Take your clients through an experiential debrief

Discover how little you need to “do” to consistently generate “Aha” moments in coaching sessions when you apply our proven NLE framework for debriefing-coaching.

Interrupt downward spirals due to personality

Trigger/ignite positive development by tapping on knowledge of the Enneagram Levels of Health for each personality.

Provide psychological safety

By understanding what each personality needs and the “hot buttons” to avoid

What you'll get when you sign up

Licence to administer and debrief the NLE Profile

Looking for a convincing reason to charge for coaching? NLE gives you a comprehensive 19-page report and empowers you to deliver an impactful debriefing session to impress your clients - from your first session.

In fact, many NLE Practitioners mention that some clients want to sign up for as many as 3 sessions to deep-dive into the whole NLE Profile debrief! 

Get preferential rates for the NLE Profile, which is available ONLY to certified NLE Practitioners. 

Qualify for the next-level training for advanced work using the NLE for Team Profiling and Team Conversations. 

Neuro-Actionables to overcome personality limitations

Many people know a great deal about the Enneagram, but the conversation rarely proceeds beyond “I am the way I am”. 

When we use the Enneagram solely to justify our actions, we prevent ourselves from maximising our potential. 

With the NLE, you get access to personalised Neuro-Actionables that are tailored to your client’s personality. These strategic-but-micro actionables are designed using the generative science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming - to target the critical points of each personality type for maximum growth.

Your clients will find it easy to apply these neuro-actionables and start to build new neural pathways essential for transformation. They will thank you for getting them started on their personal evolution.

Practical Experience on Human Motivation, Not Textbook Answers

You can learn a great deal about the Enneagram online or from books. When it comes to working with human beings, you need real experiences and honest feedback to know what works and what doesn’t.

This is why our classes are 70% hands-on, and run in a very safe environment for you to “hear from the horse’s mouth” by interacting with and debriefing different personality types. Most of all, you get to overcome your own challenges with particular personalities by re-training yourself on how you work with them.

Learn to work with nuances such as, why two persons with the same Enneagram personality can appear very different and experience different challenges. 

You learn how to build effective rapport with “opposing” personalities, “strong” personalities, “low energy” personalities and more.

One of the hallmarks of Mind Transformations is our safe and supportive community of Practitioners, bonded by the practice of NLE & NLP.

Here are some of our NLE Practitioners’ success stories

The customised NLE Neuro-Actionables - small, practical daily actions - empower me to create a better version of myself every day.


Sue-Ann Chan
Mindfulness Wellbeing Coach

The final frontier is stepping beyond your personality box, bringing out the Better Version of you.

Vera Lim


About Mind Transformations

Mind Transformations is one of the earliest Enneagram & NLP training providers in Singapore and South East Asia, since 1997. 

During this time, we have trained more than 4000 practitioners and corporate executives in the practical applications of NLP & Enneagram in Communication, Team Development, Coaching, and Personal Effectiveness. 

Mind Transformations Consulting is the corporate arm of Mind Transformations and regularly conducts Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram training for Teams. 

Clients who have adopted the NLE include Lego, Boston Consulting Group, LVMH, GovTech, BNP Paribas, SGAG, and GetGo. 


What is the Enneagram profiling system? Where did it come from?

The word “Enneagram” comes from the Greek words “ennea” (“nine”) and “gram” (“something written or drawn”) and refers to the nine points on the Enneagram symbol. The symbol has its roots in ancient wisdom traditions and can be traced back to the works of Pythagoras. Early teachers of the Enneagram include George Gurdjieff (1930s), Oscar Ichazo (1960s), and psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo who brought the Enneagram back to the United States.

How is NLE different from the Enneagram?

The Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram is developed by Mind Transformations. It was built on the foundation of the works of many Enneagram teachers and researchers who advanced the applications of the Enneagram in education, business, personal development, psychotherapy, healthcare, leadership development, parenting and spirituality. 

Both the NLE & the Enneagram cover the nine personality types, their motivation, fears and worldview. Using the Multi-Intelligence Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Model, the NLE offers a stable structure to peel the “onion” of the human personality, connecting Enneagram motivations to the predictable development of human neural pathways. Leveraging NLP’s ability to reprogramme neural pathways, NLE offers Neuro-Actionables, which are specific, micro action plans that help each personality overcome their limitations and raise their capacity.

The NLE is a profiling tool, will people feel they are boxed in?

Like all personality tools, the NLE uses language to explain the difference between different personality types. With this basic understanding, the NLE helps you unpack the core motivation and positive intention that drive people. 

Many practitioners feel liberated because it is one of the rare tools that “unboxes” people from the labels they put on themselves, or labels acquired from others.

How is the NLE different from MBTI, DISC or StrengthsFinder?

MBTI, DISC and StrengthsFinder are very good at classifying your strengths, thinking styles, communication preferences and behavioural traits. They don’t explain what drives you, or why you are the way you are. 

NLE reaches deeper to uncover your core desires and positive intentions. Through this awareness, you become more capable of shifting the way you express your intentions. You can tangibly and positively influence your behaviour, thinking styles and strengths, and track your development.

I’ve done other Enneagram programmes. What are the advantages of this programme?

The advantages of the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification are:

  • Experiential learning that focuses on deepening one’s BEING & practice as an Enneagram practitioner, not head knowledge
  • Access to the easy-to-use NLE profiler
  • Comprehensive (and non-technical) professional report
  • Ability to apply a systematic debrief & coaching framework to raise self-mastery via leveraging people’s Multi-Intelligences
  • Access to a community of competent Practitioners who continuously apply the Multi-Intelligence NLP to develop their personality health

The NLE empowers you to introduce the Enneagram to your clients using very little jargon, while maintaining the Enneagram’s deep, accurate insights that promote self-awareness. 

The NLE framework shows you how to raise one’s psychological health through shifting language patterns, somatics, emotional patterns and mindset limitations. These unique developments are Mind Transformations’ contribution to the Enneagram community.

Is there funding I can tap into for this course?

Yes. The NLE Practitioner Certification is eligible for NTUC’s UTAP funding. 

If you are an NTUC member, you can receive up to $250 (your annual limit) upon completing the NLE Practitioner course. NTUC members aged 40 and above can receive up to $500 (annual limit).

Is this course for me if I don’t want to become a Coach?

Yes. You’ll benefit tremendously by knowing yourself deeply. This programme is first about self-awareness, and then self-acceptance and self-development. You’ll learn about your unconscious insecurities, worst fears and positive intentions. You’ll learn the same about other Enneagram Types, experience them first-hand and learn how to work with them.

A big part of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world today is about working well with others and developing synergy. NLE enables you to build rapport quickly and develop deeper relationships with a wide range of people.

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