How strong is your ability to influence people and secure opportunities?

Take the Influence Quotient (iQ) Test.

While our education, certificates and titles are important for staying ahead in society, many people still find that in spite of these, they’re not getting the success they deserve. Opportunities don’t land in our backyard because we deserve them; opportunities go to those who are able to connect with people and influence decisions.(iQ) Test.


There are people with great ideas, but no opportunity to realise them. Are you one of them?

There are people who are very talented, but they don’t get the opportunity to perform. Are you one of them?

There are very experienced people who have great solutions to problems, but others don’t give them the opportunity to help. Are you one of them?

Our ability to secure opportunities is often bottlenecked by our ability to communicate and influence positively.

Imagine you’re able to influence progress, motivate people and accelerate decisions.

Behind these abilities, it is your communication skills that will help you secure and realise opportunities.

This test is a starting point for you to learn about:

Your Influence Quotient (iQ) – this is not about your charisma or personality, but your ability to create buy-in with your communication and presence.

3 Micro Skills for Successful Influence (derived from NLP) – you may have learned techniques to improve your communication, but you may still face bottlenecks. These three Micro Skills will help you improve your rapport with people, and your ability to secure opportunities.

Articulation is not Influence – you can’t talk, talk and talk your way to success. There are invisible factors that affect how people receive you, such as your tonality, body language, energy level. There are practical NLP tools that can help you tune yourself to improve your trust-building ability.

Most of all, you’ll love the 16-page Personalised Test Report on How to Reach Your Next Level—as an Influencer.

Opportunities don’t wait.

Not improving your current situation is an opportunity cost. If you’re stuck at the level where you are now, it may cost you a golden job offer, the people you love to work with, or even the dream client you’ve always wanted.

So don’t wait.

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