Choosing the Right Programmes for You.

Today we live in a knowledge-abundant world where information is easily available at our fingertips; but skills, they are different things altogether.

At Mind Transformations, we facilitate experiential training programmes, personalised coaching and a supportive community that don't just give people skills. We enable people to become a better version of themselves. Our courses are practical and kept abreast with the fast-changing world, so that people are able to translate their breakthrough to their work, relationship and life outcomes. 

Your Roadmap to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

We have 3 pathways forming a COMPLETE ecosystem for Whole-Person Development. Whichever pathway and course you choose, they complement with one another, enhancing  your existing life experience and what you have learned. Whole-Person Development is a lifelong journey, to activate the innate Multi-Intelligent potential within you and integrate all the learning in your lifetime.

Wherever you choose to begin, all our courses offer experiential learning, support by a group of active practising coaches,  our latest research & innovation and a learning community.

Mind Transformations roadmap to success and growth
LAB Profile® Recruitment Process Certification

Communicate, develop & hire intelligently—working with people's invisible patterns

Who is this for

HR, Coaches, Recruiters, Technical Experts, Leaders and Communicators who want to increase buy-in with stakeholders and develop masterful communication.

  • Recognise people’s invisible motivation and decision triggers within day-to-day conversations, be it face-to-face or virtual settings.
  • Apply the Language of Influence to speak and write persuasively with stakeholders of different profiles and backgrounds.
  • Zero-cost profiling to increase your consistency in hiring candidates who are genuinely motivated to perform.
  • Adopt a stable structure to easily identify strengths and areas for improvement and deliver quality inputs that people come back for more.
Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Practitioner Certification by Mind Transformations

* New *

Coaching the personality directly and working well with diversity

Who is this for

Professional Coaches, HR, Trainers, Consultants, Leaders who want to enhance one's personality health and potential, gain a systematic methodology to coach others for sustainable transformation. 

  • Discover the Multi-Intelligence within your Enneagram Personality, how you are unconsciously working FOR and AGAINST yourself.
  • Develop a keener awareness of your subconscious personality limitations and how to re-wire them.
  • Be licensed to utilise the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Profiler and professional report in your coaching, training and consulting practice.
  • Apply the NLE Debrief & Coaching Framework to systematically raise your clients’ development markers and see an observable positive difference over time.
  • Cultivate the "Spirit" & Being of an NLE Practitioner who facilitates personality development & self-awareness without making clients feel judged or intruded upon.
ICI Professional Coach Certification
ICI Executive Coach Certification - by Mind Transformations

Whole-Person Multi-Intelligence Development & Coaching Beyond Logic.

Who is this for

People who want to harness their Multi-Intelligence potential, develop the capacity and nervous system to thrive in the present VUCA world.

The MI NLP certification leads to the ICI Professional Coach certification. Ideal for Coaches who are looking for a whole-person coaching methodology that enables clients to tap into their innate Multi-Intelligence resources.

  • [IQ] Develop cognitive flexibility and a resilient mindset. Apply conversational frameworks, language patterns and systems thinking to generate creative solutions and solve complex problems. 
  • [EQ] Enhance your emotional capacity and nervous system to cope with diversity and complexity (even in uncertain situations). Master emotional state management and energetic influence.
  • [PQ] Increase the physical agility of your mind-body-heart coordination; turn mental strategies into effective communication & behavioural orchestration.
  • [SQ] Lead yourself and others purposefully. Develop your innate potential to influence, engage and inspire others even in ambiguous situations where there aren't clear-cut answers.
  • Coaching Finesse: Gracefully integrate the science and art of MI NLP coaching. Gain consistency in getting results with your clients, enabling people to bring out their inner resourcefulness.
  • Practise integration and refine your abilities: MI NLP is a very robust methodology that has the capacity to integrate all other methodologies you've learned (including NLE, LAB Profile, Positive Psychology, counselling and more). 

How to best navigate your decision-making process?

To set yourself up for success and mastery, ask yourself these 3 guiding questions:

  1. What is my short and long-term outcomes? Define your context - which area of my life (relationship, which aspects of your career/business, personal development)?
  2. What is the unfair advantage or 'superpower' you want to gain as part of your development?
  3. What is the first area to start such that it makes the most difference in your life?

I want to validate my decision-making process.

How you can maximise your investment?

You can also take advantage of our BUNDLE offers for our courses to maximise your investments for your development. Check out our existing offers at our course dates page below.

Why most of our programs have a Certification Process?

You might be wondering why a certification process matters if you just want to learn the practical skills and get better results in your life.

Our programs focus on your competence and competence, not just intellectual knowledge or technical jargons. When you demonstrate your ability to apply what you have learned, you gain greater confidence and consistency in applying your skills outside of the classroom.

Whichever pathway you choose, our comprehensive certification process equips you with support from our practising coaches, practical feedback and hands-on practice that enable you to use your skills effectively. You can then apply your skills to produce significant results working with people in real-life situations; thereby producing measurable positive change in your lives, relationships, businesses etc.

Our certification process incorporates a robust learning, practice and support system that include (click on respective link to read more):

... to kick start your journey of personal and professional mastery.

Still comparing and deciding where to begin? Let us help you!

Let us know below if you still have questions about which options would be best for you. We'll get in touch with you within 48 hours.