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About "Career Pit Stop"

This is a self-paced online development programme. To help you make the best of this material:

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As you watch the video, pause as frequent as you like to jolt down your reflections.
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Career Pit Stop

Video lesson

- Forces of change that are shaping our world and our lives - Why should we care about VUCA? - The jobs that will be displaced and domains that are poised to rise or grow - A paradigm shift to reinvent your career to thrive in this VUCA world - 7 multidimensional skills to master to future-fit your career - How to think, communicate and act strategically to thrive in a VUCA world with Multi-Intelligence NLP & Coaching ecosystem - Q&A

Video lesson

In this interview, HR professional, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Life Coach, Yixin, shared her career growth by adapting NLP and coaching skills in her HR career. - How she managed a retrenchment exercise in her previous organisation where she is also part of the retrenchment - Her career search, resume and interview strategies that get her many offers, including her dream company using NLP - this is gold material! - How she adapts herself in her new career and leads a team And much more...

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About the Teacher

Alfred Chung

Alfred is an advocate of sustainability, presence and connection with nature, people and life. He is constantly finding ways to break through the norms of life, communication and work. In his free time, he loves hiking and being in touch with nature. He occasionally publishes his writing on Medium and Thrive Global. He is also an NLP Master Practitioner & inbound marketer with Mind Transformations.

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